The Fluid Dynamics group in the Applied Mathematics and Statistics Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz, combines research interests and strengths in applied astrophysical and geophysical Fluid Dynamics, compressible magnetohydrodynamics and high-performance computing. 

Group members


AMS Faculty

Faculty in other departments


Current graduate students

  • Katelyn White (PhD with Nic Brummell)
  • Ryan Moll (PhD with Pascale Garaud)
  • Justin Brown (PhD, A&A, with Pascale Garaud and Stan Woosley)
  • JoFawna Reali (PhD since 2013 with Pascale Garaud)
  • David Jones (PhD since 2013 with Nic Brummell)
  • Lydia Korre (PhD since 2013 with Pascale Garaud and Nic Brummell)
  • Yuanran Zhu (PhD since 2014 with Pascale Garaud)


  • Stephan Stellmach (Postdoc 2009-2011), now permanent faculty in Earth Sciences at the University of Munster (Germany) 
  • Adrienne Traxler (PhD 2011 on "Double-diffusive convection at high and low Prandtl numbers" with Pascale Garaud), now Assistant Professor in Physics at Wright State University. 
  • Giovanni Mirouh (Visiting MS1 in Physics, ENS Cachan, Semiconvection in giant planets"), now PhD student in Astrophysics in Toulouse. 
  • Luis Acevedo-Arreguin (PhD 2012 on "The magnetohydrodynamics of the solar tachocline" with Pascale Garaud)
  • Toby Wood (Postdoc 2011-2013), now Lecturer in Astrophysics at the University of Newcastle (UK)
  • Celine Guervilly (Postdoc 2012-2013), now Research Fellow in Applied Mathematics at the University of Leeds (UK) 
  • Ben Byington (PhD 2014 on "Numerical investigations of novel dynamo processes" with Nic Brummell)
  • Nicole Beyer (MS 2014 on "Shear Instabilities in stratified fluids" with Pascale Garaud)
  • Michael Medrano (MS in Physics, 2014 on "The search for hidden mixing: analysis of the collective and intrusive instabilities" with Pascale Garaud)
  • Corentin Cadiou (Visiting MS1 in Physics, ENS Paris, 2014, Mixing of angular momentum and chemical elements in low-mass red giants" with Pascale Garaud), now MS2 student in Astrophysics in Paris. 
  • Aya Furutani (Visiting MS 2015 on "The Stability of High Peclet number stratified parallel shear flows" with Pascale Garaud)
  • Sebastian Laudenschlager (MS 2015 on "The rise of twisted magnetic field tubes via magnetic buoyancy" with Nic Brummell and Dongwook Lee)
  • Logithan Kulenthirarajah (MS2 in Astrophysics, Toulouse, 2015 on "Momentum transport in a stratified shear flow at low Peclet number" with Pascale Garaud)



Research and synergistic activities


Nic Brummell

Nic Brummell's research interests include compressible magnetohydrodynamics and dynamo theory using high-performance computing and applied to the study of the solar interior. He is currently the Chair of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, and is a regular participant and organizer at the Aix-en-Provence "Festival de Theorie" Plasma Physics program. 

Pascale Garaud 

Pascale Garaud's research interests span a wide range of problems in astrophysical fluid dynamics, including mixing by various instabilities in stellar interiors, the study of large-scale transport by fluid flows and magnetic fields in rotating stars, the solar tachocline, and dust-gas interactions in the context of planet formation. She is the founding director of the ISIMA program in theoretical astrophysics, a faculty of the GFD program at Walsh Cottage (WHOI), and is currenty running the new MS program in Scientific Computing and Applied Mathematics. 

Dongwook Lee

Dongwook Lee’s research interests includes computational fluid dynamics governed by compressible nonlinear PDEs of hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics. Such physical fluid phenomena arise in many different applications of science and engineering including space astrophysics,  laboratory astrophysics (or high-energy-density physics), radiation hydrodynamics, reactive flows, geophysical flows, and aerodynamics. He is one of the main developers of the FLASH code for computational astrophysics. 

Daniele Venturi

Prof. Daniele Venturi works on stochastic CFD (hp-spectral element methods with MPI) on complex geometries. This includes direct and large eddy stochastic simulations of isothermal and non-isothermal flows using multi-element polynomial chaos, probabilistic collocation, and sparse grids.





Fluid seminar series

Upcoming events


Publications in the last 5 years.

----------------- 2015 -----------------

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----------------- 2014 -----------------

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----------------- 2013 -----------------

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----------------- 2012 -----------------

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----------------- 2011 -----------------

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